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Value for Money

The Ebac 2650e is listed to be one of the very best dehumidifiers one can buy. It’s made in Britain, so we have immediately assumed this to be true. This critical review attempts to see if the machine is worth the price tag.

Alternative Dehumidifiers

If you’re perturbed by the price tag of the 2650e, which is over £200 (current best price, click here), you could consider the also excellent Delonghi DEM10, which you can pick up for a little over £100.

Features of the Ebac 2650e

The Ebac 2650e has a maximum extraction rate of 18L per day, which makes it one of the most powerful dehumidifiers on the UK market. We always try and point out that this is a fairly irrelevant figure, because unless you’re living in a rainforest, the dehumidifier will never be running at maximum extraction level. However, it does mean that it will control the climate faster and to a more-dry level than, say, the Delonghi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier, which has a maximum extraction rate of 10L (18 pints) per pay. The manufacturer states that the dehumidifier can control the climate of a four bedroom house and this seems a totally reasonable statement from our experience.

The Ebac comes supplied with a 3.5L integral bucket (so you’d better hope that we’re right and it doesn’t extract 18L a day!). This is bigger than the bucket you get on most other models. The ‘bucket’ is more of a Jerry can, and so it’s very easy to carry and difficult to spill- something we really appreciated. One small downside is that there’s no way to tell what the water level is in the reservoir without opening the drawer to it and having a peak. A red light on the control panel does appear when it is completely full though. Don’t worry though, the 2650e automatically shuts off before the bucket overflows so you won’t end up with damp carpets, you just need to remember to empty it every couple of days when it starts to get full.

Ebac 2650e Control Panel

Ebac make a lot of their patented “Smart Control” system. To our eyes, this isn’t any different to the technology you get on most quality dehumidifiers these days. The Smart Control system allows the homeowner to set a desired humidity for the entire house, and then the 2650e will automatically adjust the climate for the entire home, switching itself on and off when needed. There’s also a handy ‘boost’ setting for when someone comes out of a long shower, or you need it to dry clothes. There’s also an ‘economy’ mode for the summer months or when the humidity problem has subsided somewhat. The control panel itself is easy to use, with a ring of buttons on the left and then a handy dashboard of lights and symbols to the right of the panel that makes it very easy to understand what you’ve actually programmed.

Ebac 2650e filter

The Ebac 2650e comes with a dust filter as standard. What’s particularly good with this model is that you can also get a carbon filter, which removes bad smells and bacteria-guard filters, which, surprisingly, remove bacteria from the air (you’d be surprised how much bacteria is present in air). The downside of all these is the price. Carbon and bacteria filters have to be purchased as extras and Ebac recommends all of the filters, including the dust filter, be replaced every 3 months. This seems a bit silly to us, we think the dust filter should just need a wipe every few months to keep it clean, in the same way you wipe the dust filter on a tumble dryer. Unfortunately you would need to replace the carbon and bacteria guard filters for them still to work, but you can pick them up easily for about £20.

The Ebac weighs in at 13kg, which is about standard for a dehumidifier of its size. There is a carrying ‘hole’ around the back of the machine (see the filter picture to the side) that is a little clumsy, but still fine for moving it from room to room.

The dimensions of the 2650e are 52.5cm by 33cm by 27cm. The machine is a little bigger than some dehumidifiers, but remember that it is also much more powerful and has a bigger integral bucket. It still remains very compact compared to the big boxes from the 90’s. What you think of the looks is a personal thing, but we think the aesthetics are appealing and coupled with its small size, it would look good in most houses.

The Noise Issue

The 2650e is a very quiet refrigerant dehumidifier. The great thing we found with this model is that you can adjust the fan speed to a specific ‘quiet’ setting, which makes the operation almost whisper quiet for those quiet television moments. At the end of the day it’s still a refrigerant dehumidifier, so the compressor is always going to be audible when on. If you require a near-silent machine you should consider these desiccant dehumidifiers.

Running Costs

Once the 2650e has the humidity under control in your home, you can expect the operating costs to come in at about 2p per hour of operation, according to Ebac. Remember that when evaluating this figure you need to balance it against the massively reduced costs of heating your home. Water takes over 3000 times more energy to heat than air, and so by removing the water from the air you will also be reducing the amount of energy it takes to heat a room. Moisture in the air also makes you feel cooler, that’s why the damp UK climate feels cooler than in other countries with lower average temperatures. This is because when water lands on your skin it withdraws more energy (heat) from your body. This means that you’ll probably want to set your thermostat to a lower temperature after your new dehumidifier has become established.

Our Opinion on the 2650e and What Price to Pay

We really liked the Ebac 2650e, it’s very powerful while being quiet and also is very easy to use. The model also comes with an impressive 5 year guarantee. If you can, it’s worth the money. Prices from Ebac tend to be fairly steady, click here to make sure you don’t overpay.

Ebac 2650e Dehumidifier Review reviewed by on May 25, 2011 rated 4.6 on 5.0